Malta Company Formation


Introduction to Maltese Companies

The Republic of Malta has in the last 20 years, developed into a high profile international and financial business centre within the European Union and now provide an attractive base for international financial and business operations, e-commerce and e-gaming operators trading via Malta registered international trading companies. Malta's rate of corporate tax can be as low as 5% for properly structured companies. Malta adopted the Euro as it's official currency in 2008, which adds to it's attractiveness. can assist you with the establishment of a Maltese company for asset holding, international trade, financial services and professional services, online gaming. We can also assist with Trusts, yacht registration and the redomicile of your company to Malta.


  • Generous Tax exemptions (5% Tax on profits from trading activities of the Malta Company. Full exemption on participating holdings)
  • No withholding taxes, stamp duties or exchange control restrictions apply on distribution of profits from the Maltese Company to non resident shareholders, and these dividends can be expatriated without any restrictions.
  • Anonymity (Nominee services offered)
  • Highest level of privacy protection
  • Limited liability with minimal paid up capital requirement for the Maltese Company(as little as € 250)
  • Business can be conducted internationally, and with minimal changes through the Malta Company
  • The Malta Company will be incorporated using your desired name (subject to approval by the Registrar of Companies).
  • Companies registered in Malta are considered resident in Malta, wherever ownership or management exists or business is carried out.
  • Non-residents are freely entitled to hold shares or office in a Malta Company
  • Annual and general meetings of the Maltese Company may be held outside Malta
  • Malta Companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.
  • Companies can be redomiciled to Malta

What are the other features of Companies in Malta?

The other main features of companies and doing business in Malta are:

•Readymade companies available
•New Private Limited Companies can be established within 24hrs
•Single Shareholder companies allowed
•Single Director companies allowed. Corporate directors permitted
•One company secretary is required
•Accounts must be prepared, filed and audited annually

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